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Global partner recruitment

TOP1ASO was founded in 2014 and has nearly 10 years of experience in app store optimization and app marketing. TOP1ASO has served more than 5,000+ application developers so far. We have contributed to the top ten in all categories of App Store/Google Play. We are committed to becoming the best ASO company in the world, satisfying customers and building trust. Our first priority.

TOP1ASO is now recruiting national business sales partners around the world. TOP1ASO is responsible for app promotion effects, and sales partners are responsible for business sales development in their own countries.

If you have experience in local app promotion and mobile game advertising business sales development, and have empty business resources that cannot be monetized, contact us and we can work together to develop into a leading local app promotion service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we need keyword installs? How does it work?

Through keyword installs, your app's ranking in the specified keyword searches is improved, your app ranks higher and higher in the most popular keyword searches, and you get the organic traffic that comes along with it. It can also improve your app's category ranking and overall ranking, as well as make your app more likely to appear in the recommended list, overall boosting its visibility in the app market.

Using the keywords you provide, users search for and download your app in the app market, creating an effective download volume. When your app has thousands of downloads, it will quickly skyrocket to the top of the ranking.

What are the benefits of ratings and reviews?

Extremely high ratings and a large number of positive reviews will give your app a good reputation, making it rank higher and be more likely to be recommended by the app market and greatly increasing your app’s visibility of and retention rate.

When you go for ratings and reviews services, we will give free installs and downloads at the same time, which will help your app optimization even more. You can customize the review content, or we can help you set down some high-quality reviews to facilitate optimization.

Which platforms are supported?

Our ASO optimization service supports app stores such as App Store and Google Play. It covers iOS and Android users at the same time to comprehensively optimize your app ranking.

Which countries and regions is it available in?

It is available in all countries and regions in the world, fully meeting the geographically differentiated app optimization needs you want to achieve.

How much does it cost?

We provide two service models, one is CPI model, you can choose the installation volume at will to get a clear price. Due to different regions, please contact the local business manager for specific prices.

The other is a ranking guarantee service model where you specify the country or region, target app, and keywords, and our ASO specialists will serve you one-on-one and provide an optimization plan for free. You can pay a fixed price in advance, and we will guarantee your app reaches the ranking specified by you or higher. If app store visibility and the organic traffic it brings are important to you, we strongly recommend that you choose this service model.

Why are we much better than other platforms?

First of all, we have the world's most comprehensive service system and the highest quality traffic source, which allow us to complete your optimization tasks with guaranteed quality and quantity. Secondly, our ASO optimization team is able to let you experience professional optimization services that are simple and efficient. Last but not least, we help you meet your expectations of the app at the lowest price. These are the results from our years of developing ASO optimization services, and we have won the recognition and trust of many companies and developers. Do ASO optimization with us and you will increase the visibility of your app and enjoy the revenue growth that comes with it

How do we verify the optimization results? Is the target ranking guaranteed?

After the optimization is completed, you can view the optimization of your app data in your app developer dashboard. Generally, there will be changes after 24 hours. Of course, you can also contact our ASO specialists to verify the delivery results. We can provide the user download data to make it easier for you to check.

If you choose the ranking guarantee service model, we guarantee that your app reaches the ranking specified by you or higher, and we will charge the originally quoted price without adding any additional charges. Our ASO specialists will provide you with an exclusive optimization report to give you a more comprehensive understanding of your app.

Not familiar enough with ASO optimization? Is there guidance from specialists?

ASO optimization refers to a large number of users finding your app through specific keyword search and downloading it to boost your app’s ranking and increase its visibility in the app stores. At the same time, ratings and reviews of the app can be optimized to improve your app’s reputation.

We have the most professional ASO team in the world. Leave us message under "Contact Us," and our ASO specialists will contact you and provide one-on-one guidance on solving the current problems with your app, which includes, but is not limited to, app metadata optimization, keyword optimization, ranking optimization, and competitor comparison.